Hey my name is Echo. I live in Wisonsin, My favorite color is purple. My passion is music. There is nothing I love more then making new friends so don't hesitate to talk to me <3
"I'm not perfect, but neither are you."
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Kellin and Copeland watching the Super Bowl :)
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by D J Clark


Showing my favourite movie to my friends

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Crystal of the Day: Moonstone 
Source: India and Australia
 Appearance: Milky, translucent
Properties: Moonstone is often called the “stone of new beginnings,” connected to the moon and intuition. It soothes and calms emotional liability and overreactions. It is a feminine stone associated with psychic abilities and cleansing. Moonstone has a powerful effect upon the female reproductive cycle and also aids in eliminating toxins.
Position: Wear on the finger or place on the appropriate body part.
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